• Interviews & Observations
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Space Analysis
  • Documented Brief
  • IT Brief
  • Mechanical & Electrical Usage

The most important first step in any relocation project is to accurately ascertain exactly how much space you require and how it can be most efficiently utilized. At LOOP we take great care to ask the right questions from the outset to allow us to prepare a detailed Space Audit which will set out exactly how much space is required in the search for new offices. The Audit will also identify key criteria for the project such as preferred location matrix, ideal floor plate size, optimum number of floors and factor in planned expansion / contraction effects over the period of the lease.


  • Building Feasability
  • Block, Zone & Space Planning
  • Concept Design (Mood Images/Finishes & Materials/3D Visuals)
  • Technical Brief
  • Axonometrics
  • Local Compliance
  • Dynamic Budgeting & Options

The data we gather in the initial investigation stage allows us to prepare initial test fits and layout plans within a matter of hours. We can quickly and effectively look at the feasibility of a number of buildings you may be considering so that you can see how efficiently they work for your requirements. Once the plans have been set up on our system, we can quickly undertake amendments and show alternative layout solutions until you are happy that the layout works for you.


  • Architectural Construction Planning
  • Technical Construction Planning
  • Furniture Selection
  • Permit & Approvals
  • Tender Process
  • Tender Analysis

At Loop we passionately believe in partnering the right designer with each of our clients. Whether you would like a simple, cost effective solution, a progressive, creative design or a more established look and feel, we will have the designer for you. We have an excellent in-house team with the ability to partner up with external studios and designers when we feel it is right to do so.


  • Total project management
  • Risk management
  • Programme/schedule management
  • Procurement
  • Site establishment (ingress/egress/protocols etc)
  • Quality, Health & Safety management
  • Reporting (commercial/progress/quality/risks etc)

Professional Project Management, collaboration and communication are key to the successful delivery of every project. Loop are able to offer a range of services including Project Management consultancy through to a complete turnkey solution taking on full responsibility for all construction activities. We have an experienced and professional in house team in addition to a global network of professionals allowing us to confidently work with you practically anywhere in the world.