What we do

Workplace Appraisal Plan Design Cost & Programme Furniture Aftercare

Workplace Appraisal

  • Interviews & Observations
  • Workplace Assesment
  • Space Analysis
  • Documented Brief
  • IT Brief
  • Mechanical & Electrical Usage

The most important first step in any relocation project is to accurately ascertain exactly how much space you require. At LOOP we take great care to ask the right questions from the outset to allow us to prepare a detailed Space Audit which will set out exactly how much space is required in the search for new offices. The Audit will also identify key criteria for the project such as preferred location matrix, ideal floor plate size, optimum number of floors and factor in planned expansion / contraction effects over the period of the lease.


  • Block Planning
  • Space Planning
  • Axonometrics
  • Key Area Options

The data we gather in the initial investigation stage allows us to prepare initial test fits and layout plans within a matter of hours. We can quickly and effectively look at the feasibility of a number of buildings you may be considering so that you can see how efficiently they work for your requirements. Once the plans have been set up on our system, we can quickly undertake amendments and show alternative layout solutions until you are happy that the layout works for you.


  • Mood Images
  • Interior Design
  • Finishes & Fittings
  • 3D Visuals
  • Furniture Selection

At Loop we passionately believe in partnering the right designer with each of our clients. Whether you would like a simple, cost effective solution, a progressive, creative design or a more established look and feel, we will have the designer for you. We have an excellent in-house team with the ability to partner up with external studios and designers when we feel it is right to do so.

Cost & Programme

  • Initial High Level Budgets
  • Detailed costings and specifications
  • Individual packages tendered
  • Fixed price contracting guarantees
  • Detailed timeline/programme
  • Guaranteed completion date

A member of our Pre-Construction team will be allocated to your project from the very initial stages and their role will be to clarify your initial budgetary expectations, give you initial high levelindications of fit out costs based on the different design levels we discuss with you and thereafter to provide detailed costs for your approval.


  • Furniture and storage audits
  • Specifications and tendering
  • Fully managed service
  • Installation management & quality control
  • Day 2 aftersales support

Furniture is often an integral part of any interiors project and is also fraught with potential disaster. At LOOP we believe the best way to alleviate all of these issues is to remain totally independent of ALL suppliers and manufacturers. Independent from all suppliers, we offer a full furniture consulting and procurement service.


  • Moves & Minor changes
  • On-going support

Clients for life

Our service does not stop at the point at which you move into your new offices, we have a dedicated Aftercare Team who look after all our clients needs after they’ve moved.