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Breathing life into your vision with intelligent design executed by dedicated industry-leading experts.

Blending creativity and logistics. We design with a new perspective.

Our approach to workplace design starts with our findings in the define stage, yet we also challenge them. For us, it is an important part of the process to apply innovation, be rigorous, and explore possibilities. Our team adjusts the dial of flexibility in our design approach by applying logic and freedom where required.

Whether you’re after a progressive and creative design, a more traditional look and feel, or a simple, cost-effective solution, we are experienced in tailoring our process to suit the context. We guide, suggest, adapt, and apply logic alongside dynamics to produce design proposals bespoke to you. We believe uniquely combining function and aesthetics is paramount to producing inspiring environments and people-centric spaces.

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A broader, empathetic, inclusive design approach.

The workplace is undergoing constant evolution. When designing, our team adopts a holistic approach, harnessing a multitude of parameters: neurodiversity, wellness, culture, brand, sustainability, compliance, and tasks—all key ingredients to deliver inclusive design solutions. We adopt a ‘reuse first’ ethos, championing design for circularity.

Where required, our in-house design team works alongside numerous specialist external consultants, collaborating and utilising the latest communication platforms. We embrace a multi-faceted approach, transforming and developing ideas from hand sketches to progressive 3D software.

  • Conceptual sketch studies
  • Mood images and 3D renderings
  • Visualisation and immersive experience
  • Architectural detailing and specification
  • Finishes and materials development
  • Technical services co-ordination
  • Furniture sourcing and selection
  • Cloud-based collaboration tools
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Unforgettable design lives in the details.

The importance of detailing is paramount, we pay attention to the little things as well as considering the big picture. Meticulous detailing and considered juxtapositions play a huge part in guaranteeing a quality product which will stand the test of time, providing a solid base for you to grow with your environment.

Materials are carefully curated, whether natural and textural, innovative or classic. We engage our whole team to pool our building knowledge and place a strong emphasis on longevity and quality. During the design stages, we make sustainable considerations, choosing reusable and recovered materials and building on low-carbon and net-zero-carbon strategies.

Our design team is aligned with our pre-construction team. We provide live dynamic budgeting and programming at key stages. During project workshops, our construction team is slowly immersed into the scheme, providing continuity and understanding to key junctions and details. All our teams collaborate using cloud-based portals, simple platforms for sharing information with consultants and clients alike.

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