Who we are

We plan, design and construct commercial interiors

Quite simply Loop was born out of a love of what we do and a desire to ensure all our Client’s enjoy the process as much as we do.

We see ourselves as a boutique design and fit out company where the results and testimonials speak for themselves

Meet the Team

Andrew Locke
Rachael Bertrand
James Gold
Keith Ambrose
Paul Weaver
Alys Marr
Business Development Manager
Richard Briggs
Business Development Manager
Cilla Farrance
Office Manager
Micky Nowacki
Senior Interior Designer
Oz Utay
Senior Technical Designer
Dilara Balci
Design Consultant
James Siederer
Interior Designer
Jaya Varsani
Interior Designer
Stanley Bloye
Graphic Designer
Jenny Truong
Financial Manager
Harry Hale
Head of Furniture
Rob Musselbrook-Mantl
Furniture Project Manager
Tony Reeve
Senior Contracts Manager
Jack Weaver
Contracts Manager
Clark Wells
Contracts Manager
Tom Moorhouse
Contracts Manager
James Bolger
Pre-Construction Manager
Ed Paradise
Project Director
Ian Black
Special Works Manager
Neil Taperell
Site Manager
Barend Booysen
Site Manager
Alex Jarman
Site Manager
John Miller
Site Manager
Phil Tjepkema
Regional Director
Shaylin Mansfield
Rob Lambell
Pre-Contracts Manager
Claire Ambrose
Charities Committee