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Design & Build of London HQ

“The destination workplace” a phrase we increasingly hear, but at Beamery's new HQ we set out to do just that…create a place to collaborate and reconnect in an innovative, flexible environment. A place where people want to be, and which adapts to different needs and styles of working. Housed in the iconic Hylo building, the space pays homage to its industrial heritage at the same time as creating a working environment which is warm and welcoming , with a residential feel. The concrete, metal and steels were softened by rich timbers, ambient lighting and restful, earthy tones. Sustainability and Beamery's values are front and centre of this design. Cirque Furniture had a big role to play, giving an eclectic feel to the space using soft textures and a variety of colour.

London, EC1

12,000 Sq ft


12 Weeks

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